News April 5th, 2014

Sock Order
Kevin is working on socks that will go with the new kit, and we'll be placing an order soon.  The socks will be different than the kits, in that you'll buy them from the club directly.  Cost is expected to be $6-7/pair.  I'll be sending out additional information in the next few days and we'll have info at the meeting about them.
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2014 Clothing - Store Open!

The team store is currently closed. check here for when it will reopen, (it will be soon!)

If you use a credit card you will not be charged until the order is actually finalized after all items have been tabulated. You will receive a final statement showing the actual final cost. If you use PAYPAL you will be charged right away, so if you can, use a CC. PAYPAL users will be reimbursed the final difference if necessary.


On the sizing tab is a sizing chart and description of the different fit styles. Please read that! I will say that the slim fit feels like wearing a skinsuit.

If you have any questions let us know and we'll try our best to answer them ASAP!

We are also still receiving the 15% discount on all purchases AND we are getting FREE shipping on this order. The shipping discount will be automatically applied when you input the discount code that went out with the store link in the team email.

The Sunday Team Ride (8:00am Start at Le Buzz)
Our team ride this weekend will be up Mount Lemmon. People can do as much or as little of the mountain as they feel like. We will do the Prime Number MP Sprint again to work on doing hard efforts and recovering while still setting tempo. Regroup at Molino,  Bathrooms just after MP11, and at Palisades. Water can be purchased from Palisades for 1.25 per bottle. Kyle will be leading the ride.

If you'd like to lead an upcoming ride, please log on to the new website, go to Rides & Events, and click the 'Want to lead a ride' link.